We were fortunate enough to find Simon Mazzola when we were having issues with our contractor during construction. Simon worked very hard to negotiate with the contractors so that we could avoid a lawsuit and get into our home. When the contractors refused to cooperate, Simon gave us spot-on advice regarding how to handle them and what rights we had as determined by our contract. His knowledge of contract and construction law is amazing. And he knows your case inside and out. So many other firms are so huge and the staff changes so you don’t get the consistency that you get at the Mazzola Law Office. We were able to resolve our case and we could not have been happier with Simon’s services. We honestly do not know how we would have gotten through it all without his knowledge and support. 

— Dr. R.

As a high-level executive, I have to deal with many lawyers in multiple countries. I needed an employment lawyer recently and a friend of mine recommended me to Simon Mazzola. I never met Simon before, but trusted the recommendation. He worked on my case for four months. We met only once face-to-face and he handled the rest of our dealings over email or on the phone. He was quick to get back to me and kept me updated. I can honestly say that Simon is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. I think the relationship between client and attorney is critical for the success of what you are trying to achieve. Simon listens, never rushes into action but thinks things through before discussing them with you. He shelters you from the day-to-day lawyer-to-lawyer interactions. When needed, he worked nights and weekends to get things done. He made me feel like I was his only client, which meant a lot. I highly recommend Simon to anyone in need of an employment lawyer. 

— O.B.

Our long-standing attorney referred us to Simon. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable in his area of law and litigation. In our case, he represented us in a construction-related matter. Simon made the extra effort to research the law to address our concerns and found an arcane aspect of the law which effectively barred plaintiff’s dubious claim for exemplary damages. This, in turn, facilitated prompt resolution of the dispute. Finally, Simon was conscientious in drafting an intricate settlement agreement which represented our best interests in the circumstances and followed up on implementing the details until the case was completely closed out. We highly recommend his services.


The first thing that I will tell you is that YES, Simon won our case!

Let me start from the beginning: We were in a residential construction dispute. Our contractor had done a major remodel on our house.  He just wanted to do a quick fix which would not repair the floor and actually cause more damage. He never assumed responsibility. The other issue we had with him was that he was charging us unreasonable change orders to the amount of over $100,000. He also failed to give us documentation for the extras when we asked for it saying he couldn’t provide it because the way his hourly sheets were documented. That seemed very fishy and unreasonable to us.

We were at our wit’s end and decided after several weeks of sleepless and anxious nights that we had to involve an attorney. We felt cheated and taken advantage of. We really had no choice. With all the $$$ that we spent and to have defects and over charges did not make any sense to us. That’s when we called around and we choose Simon. We choose him because he seemed to be the most honest with us and he gave us the most information out of all the attorney about cases similar to ours.

Let me be honest with you. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time and money. It took us 2 years to go through the whole arbitration process. Would we do it again? Yes, we had no choice. We couldn’t let the contractor walk away from the defects and the overcharges. And it’s a good thing we did because during the process we discovered another defect to the house, a very serious one. Again the contractor was unreasonable and refused to assume responsibility for the mistake and refused the repair.

So the arbitration began and Simon did an amazing job! He caught mistakes in the contractor’s specialist reports during the actual arbitration. He caught another fatal mistake (for the contractor) about licensing. This made us win our case to the fullest amount we could have. We were also awarded the repair amounts. 

So YES Simon did an amazing job.!! We would highly recommend him.


Simon clearly explained all the issues involved with a one-sided underpinning contract I received from the developers building a complex next door. He even recommended an engineer that vastly improved on the original shoring drawings presented. This gave me peace of mind that the increased reinforcement of the foundation was done properly. The developers tried to communicate directly with me but Simon made it clear that all contact was to be through him and kept them in check.

I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Mazzola Law Office.


Simon has provided me with excellent legal service when starting my company and preparing for employees. He has been available on short notice and has thought through the complex possible problems with having employees. I would highly recommend him for legal services.

— P.F.

Simon Mazzola is tenacious. 

— Court Commissioner

I wanted to thank you for your help in my recent matter. I really appreciated your counsel as we assessed the issues in my case and proceeded through negotiations, then filing a lawsuit and ultimately settling the matter. I felt I was in good hands with you throughout the process. I would definitely enjoy working with you again should something else arise where I need legal representation and I will definitely recommend you to friends and associates when they have issues that require an attorney’s attention. All the best, and thanks again.

— G.S.

Simon represented us in a major home remodel project. Simon understands construction and, as important, he knows how to work within a budget. He negotiated the contract with the general contractor and made some key suggestions. Simon’s advice was timely, on point and on budget. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering a home remodel.

— B.Y.

Thank you so, so much for referring Simon Mazzola to work with me. He is a fantastic attorney just as you have indicated. I’m very grateful to have known you & Simon.

— A.L.

Simon Mazzola represented my company in a business legal matter. Simon was extremely effective and efficient in solving the matter with success. Simon was always available, supportive and made sure to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend Simon and I would definitely use him again for any legal issues.

— C.J.

Simon Mazzola transformed a frivolous labor law claim by two former employees into an opportunity to discover intellectual property stolen by those employees. I liked his work so much that I’ve used him since to plan for employee terminations and other human resources advice. He always works with an eye on both the budget and results. I recommend Simon for any labor law issues, whether you need a sanity check of your H.R. processes or counsel for labor law claims. 

— S.D., CEO

My family and I had to go through a construction lawsuit with our neighbors back in 2017. We obviously did not know anything about construction law and was referred to Simon Mazzola via Yelp. His expertise in his field helped us tremendously in a disagreement filed by our neighbors and them gaining access to our side of the property. With Simon knowledge and experience, we were able to resolve the case in our terms. Simon was there for us answering every question we had, emailing us when he had updates and settling the case fast. We are so appreciative and grateful for his services and cannot recommend him enough if you need a lawyer.

— N.Y.

Simon, where have you been all my life? I wish we had been introduced a lot sooner. With your help, my clients stay out of trouble. You have been extraordinarily helpful to at least a dozen of my clients and made me look good in the process. You are especially gracious in offering your time and attention to provide my clients with great advice. Best of all, you help my clients stay out of trouble and instill a sense of confidence in what they are attempting to accomplish.

— C.A.

I really appreciated Simon’s work to solve my case. At the beginning, I was scared about how to deal with the employee’s claims. He found solutions and fought back their arguments. He saved us time and a large amount of money. We are still in business because of his efforts. If we ever have another case (knock on wood we won’t), we will be back for his legal expertise. I have given his name to other business owners and recommended they contact him.

— F.B.

Simon clearly explained all the issues involved with a one-sided agreement I received from the developers building a complex next door. He recommended an engineer that vastly improved on the original shoring drawings presented. This gave me peace of mind that the increased reinforcement of the foundation was done properly. Simon kept the developers in check. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend the Mazzola Law Office.

— M.M.

Under Mr. Mazzola’s leadership and with his legal advice, our seven-figure construction project was successfully completed on time and under budget. Simon helped us negotiate the contracts with our architect and builder. He counseled our organization from the conceptual phase through the project’s completion, helping us understand the construction process and guiding us on important decisions. He was also instrumental in maintaining important relationships with our business partners, the San Francisco International Airport and the County of San Mateo.

— Executive Director, Nonprofit Corporation.

My wife and I run a small construction company and we had a legal problem with one of our employees and a company vehicle. This issue turned into something more complex than we could handle ourselves and we were lucky to have a fellow contractor refer us to the Mazzola Law Office. Simon guided us through some tricky negotiations and we ended up with a settlement that satisfied all parties. We’ll be calling on Simon Mazola the next time we need legal help.

— P.S.

We were referred to Simon by a friend. We needed help in reviewing contracts for a construction job. Simon kindly reviewed our contracts and edited them. He gave us very good suggestions to use in negotiations. He had an essential role in choosing the right contractor for a construction job. He has been very accessible by email and phone and responded quickly when we needed urgent responses. We strongly recommend using his services.

— Dr. F.

Simon did the impossible.

— S.F. real estate professional

I want to describe my experience as an owner of a business with an employment case. When I received a demand letter from a former employee’s lawyer, I searched for my own lawyer. I met with a few, but it they did not feel right, in fact they scared me. It is a difficult position to be in when an employee sues. I felt completely lost and disorientated.
Then I went to Simon Mazzola and he made me feel comfortable. He took my case and told me to go home and relax, everything would be fine. I left his office with a clear head. Thank God that I met Simon and followed his advice.
Simon resolved the case and I really admired the aggressive way he did so. He was always ready for a fight. His representation gave me back my peace of mind so I could get on with my life.

— M.D.

Mr. Mazzola’s legal expertise in dealing with personnel issues, negotiating and maintaining collective bargaining agreements, and general business issues has been invaluable to our organization over the past 10 years.

— L.K.

I had the pleasure of working with Simon for several years. I found Simon to possess a great deal of professionalism and integrity. His approach is balanced, measured, and analytical and more importantly, he interprets the legalese into terms that lay folks can easily understand. Unlike many lawyers, Simon possesses the unique ability to be able to evaluate legal risk and assess those risks against the business objectives and goals of his clients, which is why I never hesitate to refer business to him when I have the opportunity. Simon is, without question, one of the most business savvy attorneys with whom I’ve worked.

— Ms. A.

Simon has helped me and my husband with employment issues over the past 2 years. His advice and guidance – legally and personally – were accurate, appropriate for the situations, and the key for us to handle our situations successfully. He will not shy away from telling you the pro’s and con’s and guiding you on what might be best for you personally besides the pure legal circumstances. We highly recommend Simon!

— Mrs. D.

Simon Mazzola represented me in a labor case that he took to trial. His research, legal knowledge, and familiarity with labor law served me well. Due to his representation and tenacity, I prevailed.

— L.S.

Simon Mazzola is a knowledgeable, hard working and ethical attorney. I’ve relied on his advice for employment law issues, among others, and found his legal counsel comprehensive and practical. He’s a good guy who does a great job for his clients.

— M.K.

Simon’s attention to detail, knowledge of contractual agreements and the law, and his caring demeanor were appreciated. The project was completed under budget and the facility looks great! I would be happy to work on any project with Simon and I would be confident referring my clients to Simon.

— J.D.

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